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Hurting while being thankful

Nov 24, 2022

For some, including myself, the thankfulness I feel for the people in my life and my opportunities this year accompanies hurt and sadness. Perhaps this is not a predictable take a blog of thankfulness includes, however it is reality right now when many of us reflect inwards and within the environments and spaces we fill.

My reflections include...

the people that passed that brought joy and laughter; the relationships that I chose to end and separate from; the discovery of information and beliefs of people that truthfully makes me question their intentions; the re-discovery of trauma; and the incredible sadness I feel when I think of the treatment of so many marginalized groups across the world that fill our feeds, conversations, and stories. 

The feeling of hurt can come in waves, and sometimes lingers longer than I would like, but it is a firm reminder that the ups and downs of life are an absolute, unpredictable experience that unites us.

It unites us and strengthens us. We can choose to remember that the unavoidable sadness we meet in life does not need to be faced alone. The people we can choose to surround ourselves with will be there when we hurt and strengthen us when we are ready to take the steps forward again.

The ability to be present is what I am most thankful this year. To feel hurt, sadness, laughter, joy, hope, and love all in a day spent physically, virtually, and spiritually with the people I am most thankful for. 

I wish each of you a day to be present in reflection, and to be strengthened by the knowledge that you are capable of taking the next steps forward with all of us, whenever you are ready.

Be Fearless & Capable today.


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