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Coaches, from me to you... Thank you!

Oct 06, 2022

It is tempting to stay angry at sports right now, especially in light of the state of sports and the abuse of power coaches have exemplified for far too long. 

However, it is more tempting to keep going in making what is wrong, now right. To work and showcase all the good coaches can bring to a person's life. 

To help others out, here are tidbits on how and why I work as a coach:

1. The hours are long, and I have the power to set boundaries on my availability to ensure I take care of myself and my loved ones.

2. I share the additional identities I have and value with my staff and athletes. I in return value the identities they hold outside sport, and the time and energy they need to spend on those other identities.

3. I work to admit my failures and take accountability, while also showing myself and the players grace in failing times. To role model, the control you have in responding to failure is critical to sport and life, and I value those moments more than the wins.

4. Balancing growth and stability daily in my schedule and plans for myself and the team. Reflection is key to taking the time to understand if it is a moment to retain knowledge or settle into what you already know. 

5. I allow love and praise from others and myself. Being capable of taking compliments and accepting credit is powerful because it equips you with the ability to do the same for others. Your ability to acknowledge strength and effort within will help in bringing others' strengths to the forefront and motivate their efforts. 


As always, be Fearless & Capable today.


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